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Business Advice

Are you confident your business idea is the next big thing but you’re not sure where to start? As part of our Teconnect+ED program, a partnership with the Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta (RINSA) supported by Alberta Innovates, we can help you move your ideas forward and connect you to the resources and information you need during the critical startup phase. 

To get started, contact:
Bill Halley,
Business Development Advisor 

Piinaakoyim Tailfeathers,
Business Development Advisor

1) Who would you like to meet?

Bill Halley
Technology Business Advisor
Bill Halley offers 38 years of experience in manufacturing management and project engineering in sectors that include plastics, aircraft, hospital support services, steel, and automotive. Bill offers SMEs the benefit of his 6 ½ years experience as general manager at Pratt & Whitney Canada, and four years as VP of operations at Canbra Foods.
Piinaakoyim Tailfeathers
Business Advisor
Piinaakoyim is passionate about providing entrepreneurs with the resources and support needed to be successful. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Dhillon School of Business and a postgraduate certificate from Harvard Business School. He's here to help you reach your entrepreneurial goals!

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