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Programs & Events

At Economic Development Lethbridge we're committed to offering relevant sessions on topics that matter to start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesses and the community. Together with our partners in the Regional Network of Southern Alberta (RINSA), we are offering the Tecconnect+ED series of programs designed to educate, empower and inspire entrepreneurs of all business development stages within the community. If you have questions or are looking for additional support, contact our Program Manager Mika Nakashima for an initial meeting to see how we can work together, or continue to access your (already assigned) business adviser for one-on-one coaching sessions.

Entrepreneur Boot Camp: Ask the Expert Panel Discussions

These sessions will feature a mix of panel speakers, all of whom will know specifics of your business idea. They will be able to share wisdom and industry knowledge while also answering your specific questions. This will give you some experience engaging with the types of industry experts you will need to work with to get your business moving forward. Bring your questions, practice your networking skills and be sure to get their business cards!

November 6

Panel 1: Insurance, Human Resources, Legal, and Accounting

Questions on getting started? This first panel discussion will cover all the big topics: Insurance, Human Resources, Law, and Accounting. Our speakers are all entrepreneurs and understand the path that you are on. They will be able to answer your questions from this point of view and give you their professional opinions and guidance.  Ask the questions that your business needs and our speakers will have your back.

Panelists: Tania Stilson -  A-Win Insurance, Chris Broughton - Upsourced HR, David Van Moorsel - Twin River Law LLP, and Obed Maurice - Avail Maxim CPA.

Week 9, November 13

Panel 2: The Team

From bankers to investors to employees, surrounding yourself with the right group of people is a key component to success, right from your initial stages.  Just ask our panel! The combined experience of these entrepreneurs will blow your mind.

Panelists: Jim Fox - Excir Works, Mark McMurray - Energy Exploration, Tim Rempel - 2R Inc., and Mark Vella - Advertiise.

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