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Lori Olson

Lori Olson

Business Advisor

Born in Calgary, and raised in Lethbridge, Lori Olson is a trailblazer in the world of mobile app development and entrepreneurship. With four decades of software and technology experience, from software developer to architect to CTO, Lori's career has encompassed a range from multi-national oil companies to tiny tech startups. As the founder and chief instructor of the WNDX School of Mobile Apps, she has empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs to turn their app ideas into reality through her transformative 6 Pack Apps program. Lori's expertise extends beyond the classroom; she is a published author, educating and captivating both technical and entrepreneurial audiences. A sought-after speaker at global tech conferences, Lori shares her wealth of knowledge and experience, inspiring audiences with her passion and vision for the future of mobile technology. Her commitment to mentoring and education is exemplified through her volunteer work with Canada Learning Code, dedicated to improving digital literacy for women and youth in Canada. With a passion for innovation and a drive to empower others, Lori Olson is shaping the future of mobile app development, one entrepreneur at a time.


  • Lean Methodologies
  • Self-Employment
  • Tech / Innovation
  • App Development
  • Web Development
  • E- Commerce


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Oil & Gas
  • Social Media Marketing

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