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Stephen McKee, HR Consultant

Stephen McKee, HR Consultant

Business Advisor

Stephen McKee is a Human Resources Consultant for Avail CPA. He uses over 10 years of experience in HR to help clients ensure their team functions on the highest level while staying compliant with legislation. Stephen’s mission is helping business leaders in Southern Alberta expand on their great work by helping them create a culture that allows them to wake up feeling inspired to go to work and return home with a sense that they have contributed to something larger than themselves. Stephen enjoys building a relationship of trust with business owners and exceeding their expectations. Over a long career in HR, Stephen has accumulated a wealth of experience working with all types of workplaces and teams. Throughout his career, Stephen always found himself in leadership roles and he is proud to help people discover what they're best at. His leadership style is characterized by being reliable, accountable, and empathetic every day, which is a trait he sees in his clients as well.


  • Change Management
  • Facilitation
  • Human Resources
  • Lean Methodologies
  • Operations
  • Organizational Development
  • Planning
  • Policy, Regulations & Business Licensing

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