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Dale Leier

Dale Leier

Business Advisor

Born and raised in Lethbridge, I matriculated from the Lethbridge Collegiate Institute before embarking on a lifelong pursuit of education and training intermixed with stints of self-employment, employment. and business. Formal education included the Bachelor of Arts & Sciences from the University of Lethbridge, Queen’s University Executive MBA and even Royal Roads University MBA programs. My biggest lesson was learning the biggest value of formal education is adopting a framework into which real-world learning can be installed. Built upon a life-long love of aviation, longest period of employment was a 20-year engagement that started at Lethbridge Airport, with Transport Canada, and later NavCanada, as an Air Traffic Controller. Formal training included a rewarding range including aerospace technology, meteorology, radio electronics, telemetry, computer science, airport operations and so much more. My real passion has always been business. Since my early retirement, business activities included the creation of a seed capital fund (WUTIF CAPITAL INC). to help commercialize academic research, manufacturing, and distribution of a non-toxic, sustainable, all-purpose cleaning product (FROGWASH), a seafood processing facility (CODFATHER) and a renewable technology feasibility research endeavor (NEW EARTH WASTE TECHNOLOGY). Between business endeavors I have enjoyed working with several technology companies providing international business development services in industries including marine environmental technology, solar powered road safety devices and software development. Creative achievements include an iPhone app based on my ATC experience (SKYTROLLER), an offshore wind regime assessment device (WIND SENTINEL). Works in progress include renewable energy, automotives and aviation. Currently I am leading a team launching an integrated waste-to-energy facility (CHINOOK BIOSPHERE) demonstrating how the Circular Economy and Restorative Agriculture practices can be sustainably applied to meet nutritional requirements for residents while displacing both imported products and fossil fuels. I eagerly look forward to sharing my experience and insights into business development with local entrepreneurs.


  • Funding/Financial Opportunities (Financing)
  • Planning
  • Product Development (market fit, product fit, validation)
  • Tech / Innovation


  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food & Beverage
  • Restaurants & Quick Service Restaurants (ASR)
  • Technology

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