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Entrepreneurship 101 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship 101 FREE
Is your business idea ready for the market and commercialization? This session helps you understand how your idea needs to be qualified and reinforced for success. Using the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design, we will teach you how to make these tools work for you and why they are important when evaluating a business idea so you can start, pivot and grow as you build.
Entrepreneurship 101 - Building the Value Proposition FREE
Your potential customers are the key to validating the value that your business idea can provide to the market. Often entrepreneurs will come up with the solution (ex. “I’m going to build an app”) without researching whether anyone would pay for the solution. In this session we will explore what makes your solution unique and more importantly, how the value of your product or service will be transferred to the end customer, and whether they will pay for that value. The Value Proposition Design template will make you think about customer value in an in-depth manner and open your business idea up for further validation.
Entrepreneurship 101 - Testing Your Value Proposition FREE
As an entrepreneur, you should be continuously talking to your customers for essential feedback regarding the market for your products and services and how your business can provide them with the value they are seeking. This session covers the best way to engage with your potential customers at the beginning and on an on-going basis. Using “Talk to Humans” by Giff Constable as a guide, you’ll learn the framework of how to go out and ask key questions that are crucial for the success of your business’ products and services in the marketplace.
Entrepreneurship 101 - Building the Front-end of the Business Model Canvas FREE
This session urges you to focus on exploring and learning the details about the front-facing five pillars within the Business Model Canvas. The work you have already done in past sessions using the Value Proposition Design, and what you’ve begun to establish as your Minimum Viable Product, will start to connect with the bigger picture of your completed business model canvas. We’ll lead you through further consideration of your business idea and will begin to broaden your view of what it will take to build your new or existing idea towards success. After you complete these analyses, you’ll end up confirming your Minimum Viable Product which you can carry forward.
Entrepreneurship 101 - Building the Back-end of the Business Model Canvas FREE
You’re only as good as your team they say, and this holds true for analyzing the operation and refinement of your business model. In order to operate successfully, you’ll need to be thoughtful about how you source your inputs, who you affiliate with – like who distributes your product to the end consumer, and the extent of your team that will be needed to keep things running internally. These, along with overhead costs, can look different for two businesses with identical products and services, and there are so many variants and choices depending on your preference and outlook. Therefore, it is important to take the time to know and map the resources you currently have access to and to also think about what you might need into the future. Thinking about these components before putting products and services on the market will improve your chances of success.
Entrepreneurship 101 - Considering the External Environment FREE
Environmental scans are important to expose the things that you cannot control such as the economy, your competitors and the financial market. Analyzing these areas can contribute to the overall success of your business and should not be overlooked. In this session we will teach you about important indicators in the external environment while also taking a closer look at important financial elements like how to conduct a breakeven analysis, run sales scenarios and projections, review capital spending and operating costs and identify funding requirements.