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As part of Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL)’s mandate to serve the region with advanced and innovative solutions, EDL in partnership with Energy Associates International (EAI) is offering an opportunity for businesses in the hospitality sector to secure competitive wholesale market-based pricing and product solutions.

EDL has offered a robust wholesale market-based Energy Program to procure electricity and natural gas in other industry sectors in the Lethbridge areas. EDL views a wholesale market-based Energy Program as an important driver to help hotel, restaurant, casino and other hospitality entities remain cost competitive in Southern Alberta. The main objectives of the Energy Program are (but not limited to):

- secure lower unit contract prices than retail market-based procurement methods available to customers
- develop customized energy products to effectively mitigate price, volume and carbon risk
- improve utility billing/reporting solutions for verification, accounting and energy management,
- receive dedicated customer service and account management from energy suppliers.

The market strategy supported by the EDL Energy Program is similar to how other large organizations like the City of Lethbridge, West Edmonton Mall, Parkland Fuels, Mount Royal University have successfully implemented to secure supply contracts below the wholesale production cost for electricity today.

This workshop will include a near and long-term outlook on wholesale energy trading prices and market volatility, which are influenced by environmental regulations and regional supply fundamentals. Workshop business participants will also get an opportunity to evaluate procurement strategies that may work with their unique industry business requirements and risks.

We'd also like to invite businesses represented by the Lethbridge Downtown BRZ to attend that are not hospitality related. Participation from BRZ members will help us gauge interest from these businesses to evaluate the feasibility of a wholesale-market based energy program for businesses in downtown Lethbridge.

If you are interested in registering for the workshop, please also send a full recent copy of your utility bills in advance to by Thursday, May 26.

*Lunch will be provided for this event.

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