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This program is limited to 15 participants and you must be enrolled in the Tecconnect Entrepreneur Program within the RINSA region (Okotoks to US border, Taber to BC border) *please reach out to if you are interested but not yet enrolled in the required program.

Through RINSA in partnership with Impact Leader, we are offering the Mastering Your Mindset course to add self-awareness and personal development to benefit your entrepreneurial outlook while helping you innovate.

Utilizing the tool Lumina Spark, this program will provide you with an accurate and personalized reading of your natural strengths, developmental areas, and communication styles.

The program embraces paradox – we can embody opposite personality traits at the same time. Nothing in life or in entrepreneurship is straightforward, and human nature certainly isn’t. For example, we can be both introverted and extraverted in different contexts.

The RINSA Mastering Your Mindset course will help you develop the skills most needed today and, in the future; adaptability, agility, a growth mind-set, partnering, authenticity and the ability to lead self and others. These are essential in exploring new concepts in technology and also towards innovative decision making.

Measuring three personas gives consistent insights into our whole personality:

1. Underlying Persona – Your instinctive way of being, your preferences and your natural inclinations

2. Everyday Persona – How you behave day-to-day, tuning up and down your qualities contextually

3. Overextended Persona – When you do too much of a good thing and overplay your natural strengths

All of your personality, all of the time – No labels, No boxes, No stereotypes!
This program offers coaching sessions with Lead Facilitator Keri Drennan so that the power of self-awareness can be seen firsthand.

Keri Drennan is the founder of Impact Leader. She is passionate about engaging and inspiring people to think outside the box. Keri is a Professional Engineer with 24 years of progressive leadership experience in the oil and gas industry. She owes her success to building relationships and shifting cultures and paradigms.

After semi-retiring from the Oil and Gas world in 2018, Keri started Impact Leader. This transformation was fueled by her aspiration to live in a world that is inclusive, engaging, and inspiring. Everyone deserves to work in a trusting, respectful culture that includes maximizing business goals while having fun!

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