25 12:00PM-4:00PM
The Tecconnect Synergies Conference invites you to enjoy a fun-filled set of half day engagements meant to bring additional networking, insights and inspirations to your week at the end of March! The synergies that can be found when we connect and support each other are usually found when we spend time sharing ideas, discussing, and hearing about the amazing things going on around us.

Come out to this virtual event – join the pitch competition, or just spectate and enjoy. You can also take part in our networking exhibition that will have some fun icebreaker games and activities alongside community resources that you’re invited to explore. Lastly, we will also have a few keynote speakers that are sure to leave you invigorated about entrepreneurship, community, and the innovation and technology that are driving SW AB forward.

This event is open to everyone! Please encourage your friends and community to register along with you!

Tentative Run of Event:
Day 1 – March 25, 2021
• Day 1 - 12pm to 3pm – Pitch Competition
• Day 1 - 3pm to 4pm – Keynote Speaker

Day 2 – March 26, 2021
• Day 2 – 12pm to 1pm – Fireside Chat – Building A Business Support Team: The Professionals That Set You Up for Success
• Day 2 – 1pm to 2pm – Networking, Exhibition, and Activities on Remo platform
• Day 2 – 2pm to 3pm – Keynote Speaker
• Day 2 – 3pm to 4pm – Post-Event Networking and Exhibition

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Tecconnect+ED Synergies Conference - General Admission Day 1 & Day 2 FREE