11 6:00PM-9:00PM
When getting your products and services to market, you need to be able to count on how the end-user experiences the process. Building relationships with and understanding your customers, while also knowing your supply chain to avoid unexpected occurrences, will aid in fulfillment of promises to customers and it will give you a level of operational insight as you maintain and grow your business. The other advantage to knowing the back-end of your business model is that you can build a distribution strategy that fits with how you resolve customer pains and how you supply them with gains. A distribution model that doesn’t align with core values and a customer-centric outlook will be difficult to deal with from a customer service standpoint. Taking time to know and consider these in’s and outs will prove valuable by conserving precious resources and leveraging market forces advantageously. Project management professional and instructor at the University of Lethbridge’s Dhillon School of Business, Kris Fleckenstein, joins us to provide clear awareness of the considerations that are paramount when building out your distribution strategy. You’ll be ready to start your build by the end of this course so that you can activate it soon!

Session topics:
• Understand Market Forces
• Understand Supplier / Buyer Relationships
• Learn Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
• Assess Your Distribution Model
• Build Your Distribution Strategy

“Don’t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are.” – Meghan Keaney Anderson

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