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With increasing labour costs and supply chain pressures for faster, more accurate, and responsive operations, automated sortation systems are finding their way into more and more supply chains. these solutions deliver productivity, throughput capacity, accuracy and accountability for businesses, with a cost effective and efficient flow of goods to consumers. Anyone who has received a parcel delivery, purchased grocery items from a supermarket, or ordered a book online, will have come in contact with goods that have been handled by an automated sortation system. Within the supply chain, there are a number of points where sortation is particularly relevant and applicable. Join this session to learn how to achieve operational excellence with automated sortation.

About the speaker: Brian Hammond serves as Account Manager for Dematic, developing supply chain solutions for the world's top e-commerce and retail brands. Brian has been helping businesses achieve operational excellence in distribution for more than 25 years, working with companies to transform their businesses. To support supply chain excellence, Brain focuses op operational philosophies and practices to meet the rapidly changing dynamics in today's business climate.

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