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What is Intellectual Property?

All inventions start with a great idea! Intellectual Property rights are rights in things that you create with your mind.

This presentation will provide you with the fundamentals of Canadian intellectual property law in Canada. This will help you determine how to approach this topic as it pertains to your business idea and its development.

Session activities and materials:

• Learn the difference between patents, trademarks, copyright and industrial design, who actually owns the rights to them, and everything in between.
• Gain an understanding for whether or not your idea can be protected, where it can be protected, and when the steps should be taken to get protection.
• Discover how to protect your ideas from your employer, or from your employees.
• Consider the strategic value of intellectual property for sole inventors and small to medium sized entities.

“Some day, I will invent a little machine that will glide over the snow and will even allow me to go up hills” – J. Armand Bombardier (re: the snowmobile he patented in 1937;)

About the Instructor: Dr. Suzanne Sjovold, Barrister & Solicitor, North & Company LLP

Suzanne combines her technical background in Neuroscience with over 10 years of intellectual property (IP) legal experience to effectively develop and manage her clients’ IP assets. As a registered patent and trademark agent, Suzanne’s practice is focused on clients in the life sciences space, including those involved in novel medical devices, chemical compounds, biologics, and pharmaceuticals. Suzanne also assists clients with protecting mechanical devices, clean energy technologies, and new technologies in the oil and gas sector. Additionally, Suzanne provides clients with legal opinions on issues such as patentability, trademark registrability, freedom-to-operate, due diligence analysis, and IP portfolio management. Suzanne’s clients include a broad range of early stage and established companies, as well as post-secondary institutions.

Suzanne grew up in Lethbridge and attended the University of Lethbridge, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. After completing her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Alberta, Suzanne attended law school at the U of A with an aim to practice intellectual property, bridging the gap between the scientific and legal spheres. Prior to joining North & Company, Suzanne was a partner at a regional law firm where she was the head of one of the largest intellectual property groups in Western Canada.

Suzanne feels very fortunate to be back in Southern Alberta surrounded by her extended family. When Suzanne’s not in the office, she spends every spare moment downhill skiing or mountain biking in Fernie with her husband Travis and their two daughters.”

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Date: December 11, 2019
Session Times: Wednesday Evening, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (dinner included)
Session Cost: $30

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