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With the combination of Alberta’s greenhouse gas emissions penalties increasing in 2021 and 2022, early coal plant conversions and retirements, and declining reserve margins, Alberta’s electricity marketplace is facing new challenges and opportunities to meet provincial and federal environmental regulations. Mid to large energy users are also faced with higher delivery charges resulting from higher deferred bulk transmission costs, grid constraints and increasing balancing pool charges. Electric utilities in Alberta have also introduced different methods to recover their costs for new facilities and expansions. And, Alberta’s newly elected government has cancelled the capacity market, which was intended to encourage new generation investment, competition and innovation.

This hour-long workshop will include a near and long-term outlook on wholesale energy prices and delivery costs that are due to the changes in Alberta’s environmental regulations, market structure and regional fundamentals. Workshop Participants will also learn how to strategically position their energy efficiency programs and utility contracts in response to these market and regulatory changes.


1.) Electric Industry Update & Impact to Utility Costs beyond 2019 – Renewables, Coal Conversion, Reserve Margins, Bulk Transmission & Balancing Pool; impact to energy utility budgets and facility operations.
2.) Electricity & Natural Gas Commodity Markets – Retail vs wholesale/OTC trading markets; knowing what, when & how to buy energy as a commodity
3.) Cancelled Capacity Electricity Market – what will the cost impacts be to energy users in Alberta?
4.) Minimum Demand Agreement – Hidden impact on delivery charges and energy efficiency projects; how to manage excessive delivery charges.
5.) Utility Focus in a Changing Alberta Electricity Market – leveraging a supply-side strategy to improve
energy efficiency economics.


Jay U. Manoharan, P.Eng. - Managing Partner Energy Associates International - N. America

One of the founding principals in 2004, Mr. Manoharan has previously held senior management positions with various wholesale energy marketers in North America including ENMAX Energy & EPCOR. Mr. Manoharan is a registered professional engineer in Canada with more than 10 years prior experience in utility load management, energy efficiency and asset-driven performance contracting, to compliment over 18 years of energy utilities supply experience. He consults internationally for utilities and governments in Asia Pacific, including clients operating in the United States’ largest deregulated energy and capacity markets.

Energy Associates International (EAI) is a specialized energy supply and utilities portfolio management firm serving a wide range of commercial, industrial and institutional clients in Canada and various deregulated energy markets in US and Asia-Pacific.

Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Tecconnect 3582 - 30 St N, Lethbridge, AB
Price: Free

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