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Jenny Bourne

Jenny Bourne

Business Advisor

Jenny Bourne is new to Wellspring and is excited to be here! Like many others, Jenny’s life and relationships have been profoundly changed by the effects of cancer, and for this reason she is grateful to be part of the Wellspring community. She is a career educator and an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion champion who has spent decades bringing an inclusion and accessibility focus to all that she does, in her professional and personal lives. Jenny has worked with diverse groups of people in communities across Canada, Asia and Europe, where she has learned to value the unique gifts that each person brings to a community or group. Jenny holds a BA in Communication Studies, a Bachelor of Education, an MA in Cultural Studies, and is a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional (CCIP™ ). Jenny is passionate about putting her knowledge into practice through her EDI work and building diverse inclusive spaces for everyone. Jenny is a lover of all things nature and shares her home with her one human and 4 animals. Her fondest memory is the simultaneous thrill and peace she experienced swimming with a colony of (hundreds) of barking sea lions in Peru.


  • Facilitation
  • Human Resources
  • Self-Employment
  • Startup
  • Team Building


  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Equity & Diversity
  • Public Speaking

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