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For any business owner, money is not just about meeting numbers or the bottom line; it’s what the numbers afford. Money is the means by which we meet our obligations and fund the chasing of our dreams. As more women enter into entrepreneurship, building financial knowledge and wellness is more important than ever. And yet, it is a subject that many women find difficult to talk about. In fact, women are comfortable talking just about anything - but money!
But here is the danger in that. What stands true for every business owner is that each situation and decision along the journey will have a financial impact both on a personal and business level. Businesses do not start without money. They do not grow without money. And they do not survive without effective financial management. In this panel discussion, Shannon and Taunya will discuss why money is so hard to talk about and why as women we need to change the money conversation.

Meet Your Presenters
Shannon Pestun
A former business banker, Shannon brought women’s entrepreneurship to the forefront of ATB Financial, creating & leading the bank’s first strategy for women entrepreneurs. In 2019, she was one of seven women appointed to serve on Canada’s women’s entrepreneurship strategy expert panel.

Taunya Woods Richardson
I’m not your typical finance "personality". I didn’t get to where I am by vetting startups on national television, I didn’t create a pop-culture money-management app, and I’ve never written a best-selling book (but perhaps I should). But what I do have in common with the money gurus of the world is knowledge – the kind that comes with 30 years of training, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs to build better, stronger, healthier, and profitable companies. I know what it takes to turn a profit in business and how to build the inner-strength and confidence needed to see you through any situation a business throws at you.

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