30 6:00PM-8:00PM
Join the Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta (RINSA) and Grande Prairie RIN (GPRIN) for this exciting new event format where we collectively look at assisting each other in overcoming problems related to your business’ current value chain.

Facilitated by Jefferson Gardner of InBridge Inc., the RINBRIDGE EVENT – Using Technology to Produce Value Chain Enhancements will provide you the opportunity to work collaboratively to brainstorm in an effort to overcome some key problems that business owners, including you, are facing across Alberta.

We will start by breaking attendees into groups to focus thoughts around the various problems you’re facing.

Then a keynote presentation from our facilitator will shine further light on how the use of emerging technologies could enhance the potential solutions that are being collectively generated.

Then we’ll come back together in groups to refine the solutions and approaches that were being discussed.

The event will leave you feeling recharged, connected, and provide some learning takeaways in relation to those challenges you’re facing currently. You’ll also get to enjoy the networking and groupwork component!

It will be a day of excitement and inspiration. Looking forward to welcoming you to take part in this unique forum and problem solving experience!

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