20 1:00PM-3:30PM
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The goal of this workshop is to not only introduce the participants to how to develop a Value Proposition, but also help them apply it to their business endeavour.

Creating a powerful value proposition is a vital stage in developing your company’s business plan and brand identity. It is also an important early step in your overall marketing strategy and will be a valuable resource for making informed brand-related decisions in the short, medium and long term for your business.

Through the process of building your Value Proposition you will determine whether customers will pay for that value. The Value Proposition Design template will make you think about customer value in an in-depth manner and open your business idea up for further validation.

The Value Proposition Workshop will include a 2-hour online workshop, a 30 minute question session, and a one hour 1-on-1 advisory follow up with each participant.

WESTEM programming is mandated to support rural/remote Southern Alberta women; does not include Calgary.

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