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Benefit Corporations also known as (B Corps) are for-profit companies, in which their performances meet the general public benefit verified standard. They aim to redefine business success by embracing inclusivity, and reducing inequality - by doing so,they create a healthier environment and more opportunities. A ‘B Corp’ measures its success across 5 metrics: employees (pay more than the competitors), customers (charge less than the competitors); community (contribute more than the competitors); environment (reduce impact); and shareholders (pay a bit less, but still be very successful).

Note - B Corps share information and decision-making with employees and stakeholders.

The DealPrep Founders Agreement workshop presents students with a (fictitious) case study about a start-up B Corp business - negotiation of terms, regarding a founder (CEO) bringing in another founder (Co-founder). Students must carefully examine the facts in the case study to determine how to approach their negotiation terms with the Founders' Agreement, being mindful of the prospective Co-founders' needs.

Facts in the case will illuminate the founders preferences with respect to Vesting, Compensation, Founders Rights, Investment Threshold to Obtain/Maintain Voting Rights, Business Structure and Ownership etc. The exercise culminates in a live negotiation session, moderated through telepresence by the DealPrep team. Students will be assigned a side to represent, and must prepare for the session through self-study on the Clausehound platform.

Items studied will include:
- Stock Equity
- Voting Rights
- Vesting
- Intellectual Property
- Investment
- Information Rights
- Contractual Communication and Dispute Resolution
- Confidentiality
- Contribution
- Founders’ Rights
- Business Structure and Ownership
- Transfer of Ownership to Company Upon Formation

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