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Interested in more practical considerations for Supply Chain Management?

In this video series, registrants will receive a 15 minute video each week between December 2nd and December 23rd that will highlight topics and content that you can consider for your participation in the world of Supply Chain Management. With a lens of focus on this subject via an application in Southern Alberta, our Tecconnect Business Advisor and instructor Kris Fleckenstein, MBA, PMP, will take you through four concentrated, pre-recorded, impactful videos that will help with strategic and planning decisions before exploring emerging technologies in Supply Chain Management. If you register, you'll receive 1 video per week for 4 weeks to enjoy and learn from.

The topics of the videos will include:

- Video 1: An Overview of Supply Chain Management
- Video 2: Strategy and Design in Supply Chain Management
- Video 3: Planning in Supply Chain Management
- Video 4: Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain Management

We hope you enjoy this new format. If you'd like to consider further guidance, you can think about our Tecconnect Entrepreneur Program for accessing 1:1 business advice.

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