22 6:00PM-7:30PM
Why go it alone?

The Tecconnect Entrepreneur Program just added 8 new business advisors to our team! They come with the combined experience of expertise in 30+ skills and 25+ industries. We are starting a Tecconnect Advisor Series where each month we'll bring you some new content and insights from our Tecconnect Business Advisors by way of a virtual event. This gives you the chance to ask them questions directly and connect further with their expertise and the resources they're currently recommending.

In this session, you'll hear from 5 of our advisors who know a lot about marketing and a variety of topics, but who will also address some questions on the following subjects, while providing comments to how they think technology and innovation will play a part in these areas:

How to consider and prepare for reopening for retail
• There’s lots to consider, but what are the important and efficient things to pay attention to?

How to move business operations forward if you never stopped
• Some businesses have been open the whole time, how do we ramp up?

How to build exposure and engagement with your marketing message to create reach
• What needs to happen to break through the increased competition and stand out while everyone’s getting back to business?

How to leverage and assist community and connection with low budget tactics
• What types of price improvements and low-cost strategies can be used?

Take the time to add to your toolkit and hear the discussion unfold about what you could be doing while augmenting your operations to get Back to Business!

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