9 6:00PM-9:00PM
How Does the People-Side of Your Business Model Affect Your Planning?

You may not know the full extent of which people affect your business idea and operations from conception throughout the business lifecycle. Even solopreneurs are dependent on the people that are considered in their business model. This session urges you to focus on exploring and learning the details about the front-facing five pillars within the Business Model Canvas. The work you have already done in past sessions using the Value Proposition Design, and what you’ve begun to establish as your Minimum Viable Product, will start to connect with the bigger picture of your completed business model canvas. Analyzing these front-facing five of the nine pillars will lead you through further consideration of your business idea and will begin to broaden your view of what it will take to build your new or existing idea towards success. After you complete these analyses, you’ll end up confirming your Minimum Viable Product which you can carry forward. The work you do for each of the pillar sections will be mappable to a formal business plan later – so understanding and applying these steps to analyze the pillars is paramount.

Session activities and materials:

• Conduct your Front-end Business Model Canvas analysis - Understand, establish and consider:
o Value Propositions
o Customer Segments
o Channels
o Customer Relationships
o Revenue Streams
• Create your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – is it a website, description of a service, and/or a physical product?
• Learn and discuss Pricing Models and Testing

This session is imperative to fulfilling your Business Model Canvas and eventually a formal Business Plan – not one to miss!

Date: October 9, 2019
Session Time: Wednesday Evening, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (dinner included)
Session Cost: $30

*Dinners will include vegetarian options and you will be asked to indicate this on registration. If you require specific preparation/ingredient exclusions, we encourage you to bring your own dinner.

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