14 11:00AM-9:00PM
We have an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs coming up in March that you might be interested in. We are looking for entrepreneurs at any stage of business that would like to participate in a unique program that brings together like-minded people to form a 4-6 member team centered around a pre- selected entrepreneur’s business development and growth. Team members consist of entrepreneurs who want to learn new approaches to entrepreneurship and business development.

Your team will work together over one and half days, facilitated by Craig Elias, to explore all aspects of a business idea and development. The teams will listen to the selected entrepreneur’s issues and current barriers and together develop ideas to move the business forward. The teams will be expected to develop a pitch presentation utilizing a predetermined pitch-deck and present their findings and suggestions to the larger groups. You will leave with a rejuvenated outlook and skills necessary to achieve success in your own business by adapting suggested solutions and knowledge gained this workshop.

We are looking for commitment from entrepreneurs to attend the full workshop from 11am on March 14 to 3pm on March 15, including Thursday evening.

Craig is an award-winning entrepreneur, educator and author.

Craig has been chosen three times by LinkedIn as Canada's #1 B2B Sales Expert. His first business went from initial launch to being funded by a Tier 1 US-based Venture Capitalist in less than 12 months. Craig is LinkedIn user 3,956 of 700 million users and is a member of many high profile Boards where he works as a mentor and expert.
For the past four years, Craig has been the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bow Valley College and runs three different student pitch competitions – VentureQuest, 150Startups, and INVENTURE$.

We hope that you will consider this onetime opportunity to participate and learn how to grow and succeed in your own business.

Date: March 14, 11:00 am - 9:00 pm and March 15, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Place: Tecconnect - 3582 30 St N, Lethbridge
Cost: $10
Please register by February 19, 2019.

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Registration $10.00
*A vegetarian option will be available upon request, however, if you have specific dietary restrictions we encourage you to bring your own meal.