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Tim Rempel
Business Advisor
Tim Rempel is a serial entrepreneur who is particularly well versed in the Lethbridge and Southern Alberta ecosystem. With 30 years of business experience behind him, Tim has a broad range of skills and expertise. He has owned and managed a number of operations including Total Communications, a Rogers Wireless dealership that had 6 different locations in both Lethbridge and Calgary; Lethbridge Living magazine and its associated publishing house that saw the publication of approximately 25 projects/year; and multiple Booster Juice franchises for the past 13 years. Tim has been providing consulting services for the past 10 years, and sharing his experience in business analysis and continuity, change management, franchising, leadership, marketing and promotions, with entrepreneurs throughout our area. Tim grew up in Vauxhall and moved to Lethbridge to undertake studies at Lethbridge College 32 years ago. When he isn’t working on his businesses he is actively involved as the President of the Canadian Association of Rocketry, and can often be found hiking or camping in our nearby Rocky Mountains.

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