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Joshua Day Chief

Joshua Day Chief

Business Advisor

Currently, Joshua is the CEO of AdvancedAg Inc. (AAG), a family/First Nations' owned business focused on producing beneficial blends of bacteria for soil and water health. The AAG biotechnology was developed in 2001 by completing research projects with the National Research Council and landing contracts to naturally clean up lakes and municipal stormwater ponds.

Joshua began marketing this innovative line of bioproducts from an educational standpoint and backing it up with third party research. The client list for AAG doubled in the first year of his full-time involvement. A new opportunity had also developed - the chance to research and market a bacteria-based product for agriculture. Although he did not come from a farming background, he thought this was a perfect way to diversify the company and take it to another level.

In 2017, Joshua worked with his team to sell enough bacteria to apply to roughly 1000 acres of dryland crops. They also added one new location to produce the bacteria. The farmers all noted increased plant health and yield for their farms, and they were able to cut back on harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Joshua and his growing team invested as much as they possibly could into research to accommodate major expansion. They worked on developing a new technology and software to culture and grow their “bugs.” In 2021, AdvancedAg Inc. has 35 "brew" facilities across Canada and will treat close to 400,000 acres of crops, while maintaining a strong, growing client base for water restoration.

Whether it is on the ball diamond, the ice arena, or volleyball court, Joshua is very passionate. The same is true in business. He enjoys the challenge of new opportunities and always engages a team approach to achieve maximum impact. His leadership skills are natural, and people are quick to see his vision.


  • Funding/Financial Opportunities (Financing)
  • Indigenous Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Organizational Development
  • Planning
  • Product Development (market fit, product fit, validation)
  • Scaling up / Growth
  • Startup
  • Tech / Innovation


  • Agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Indigenous Business
  • Indigenous Reconciliation
  • Mulit-city Business
  • Multi-location Business
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Technology

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